Sachi is crazy over Barney. She doesn’t want to watch any other show but Barney. I remember thinking that if Barney ever does live again in Manila, I’m going to make it a point that my little princess will be there.

So imagine my excitement when I saw this poster at the cinema level of SM Marikina:

I saw this poster a few months back, but when I checked the website, I didn’t see any information. I googled and didn’t get any info either. Then for awhile, the poster disappeared on the chrome standee where it used to be.

Then yesterday, I just noticed it was back up again! Googling it now gets you different blog entries. Oh wow, I ain’t dreaming, the Barney show is for real! (Yeah, for a moment, inspite of the SM poster, I thought it was cancelled or a bogus or something because it seems like I was the only one who knows about it. feeling ko lang. haha)

I’m so excited! I’m sure my little girl will love this! She may not know who the other performers are (She doesn’t want to watch any other show but Barney), but a glimpse of Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ would surely excite her to the hilt!


You know whats even more exciting? Happy Thougts Happy Tot is giving away not one, not two, but THREE tickets for free!

And there’s more! They’re giving away 3 tickets every week for 5weeks! So that’s a total of 15 VIP center complimentary tickets! Oh wow!!! Check out the contest and join in on the excitement 🙂