Shoes can make or break an outfit. It defines your overall look. Heels can make an outfit formal, 3-inch heels can make you runaway worthy, flats will make the same outfit look causal.

I used to like heels. I like it still, but my feet doesn’t seem like they want to cooperate. I often go to work wearing heels, then I end up changing into my slippers, crocs or anything flat.

Somehow, I couldn’t gracefully walk in high heels. I couldn’t strut “my stuff”. During pregnancy, my body became too comfortable with flat shoes that a year later, wearing heels is still uncomfortable.

Flabsy (aka my father)  made this shoe cabinet for me. Its a 4-layer shoe closet that you can pull (similar to where you put the keyboard on a  computer table, but longer).

Its my dream to have a walk-in closet, with “shoe shelves” ala Carrie Bradshaw’s on the Sex and the City movie. But oh my how can I, when my footwear revolves on just 3 items — melissa, crocs and slippers. Nabubulok na all others.

Do you still wear heels even after pregnancy? Is it just me?