Ten “Firsts” this 10-10-10

1. Go to Robinsons Place Manila/Ermita – yes, believe it or not, its the first time I set foot on this mall.

2. Visit My brother’s condo in broad daylight – whenever we go to my brother’s condo, its always in the evening. This time, I got to see the building while the sun is still up.

3. Bring Sachi to a baptism – well, technically on the reception. Coming all the way on the opposite side of the world, we didn’t quite make it to the church.

4. Stroll with Sachi & other kids – Its the first time that Sachi went out and actually stroll in the mall with the kids of Dada’s college friends.

5. Hear mass at 6pm – we usually go to Mass in the afternoon

6. Cafe Lupe at Antipolo – while looking for a place to eat, we saw Cafe Lupe. A familiar name which dawned on us that this is the same famous cafe situated at the back of the huge billboard at Edsa-Guadalupe. We didn’t stay long. We prefer to stay when there’s a band playing. MYMP plays on Mondays, Sitti on Thursdays (at least that what I saw for this month).

7. Eat at East Persia, Antipolo –  We’re kebab lovers. Seeing the sign that says “house of  kebab”, we didn’t pass up the chance to try it. See entry here.

8. First time to try Manila strong beer – If I’m a beer drinking, I think I’ll like this better, it still has that distinct beer taste but not that bitter strong

9. Kebab (ala Bbq) on a stick — The kebab of East Persia looks more of a barbecue than a kebab.

10. To wear the exact get up I did – The jacket made a difference 🙂