We had a 5-month Pedia break. Now its time again for the boosters and all other vaccines for Sachi.

Our vaccine pediatrician is at the Capitol Medical Center. She’s already a “tried & tested” doctor — from my friend, my friend’s sister, her kids, my cousin’s kids… you can say she’s already an expert because of her experience and tenure in the medical world.

The not so good thing about it is that the line is sooooo long. For this visit, it took us 6 hours (including the break) before our turn 😦

Naabutan kami ng cut-off, Doctora needed to attend a meeting so we decided to eat late lunch while waiting.

Little girl (almost) knows how to eat by herself already. We had pasta at Amici, Tomas Morato

Finally, after hours of waiting, it was our turn.

Cute little girl, refusing to open her mouth 😀

When she did, I was thankful because I didn’t want to resort into forcing. That would be traumatic.

MMR Vaccine


Aww… she looks like she’s in pain 😦

Oh honey, tiis lang tayo. All these will do you good.