For some reason last week, I decided to go back to reading when I walked in to the newly opened Books for Less at the ground level of our home mall (SM Marikina).

I used to love reading.

In grade school, I remember hiding Sweet Valley Kids and Twins at the school library mischievously placing them on different sections. Hoping that no one can find it until I’m allowed to borrow another book. We were only allowed to borrow a limited number of books, so I had to hide the other finds because someone else might borrow ahead of me.Β I would even negotiate with classmates so I can make the perfect timing to borrow what they will return.

In high school, my favorite place to go to is National Bookstore. I can stay there for hours, choosing whichΒ Love Stories title to bring home. I loved books. I got addicted to reading and collecting them.

Until I realize that I have a very short term memory. Amnesia much, after awhile, I forget the stories. I would sometimes reread books and feel like its my first time reading them.

So my love affair with books stopped.

In college, I read a few books, mostly the popular ones. The Notebook, Tuesdays with Morrie, Harry Potter… you know, those well known books that got me curious why they were selling like pancakes.

When I graduated, and went to work, I got too preoccupied with my job, and all the dilly dallys that happened from then on. My love affair with books has ended. The past year, the only books I’ve read are about pregnancy and children. I couldn’t seem to find the time to sit, relax, and read.

When I entered the bookstore, I just wanted to buy a book. To keep me sane maybe. To temporarily forget the stress.

Little did I know that this book, which I picked from the rest of the pile will inspire me to return to my (book) love affair.

This entry was supposed to be about the book — The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. But well, I’m not really good at reviews as I’m not very flowery when it comes to words. I’m not a very good story teller either.

All I have to say is that I have high praises for this wonderfully written novel, its the sweetest! Not sure If I enjoyed it because I’m married. For most love stories, endings are usually the same, you know what to expect on the last few pages. With this book, the ending came as a surprise. The sweetest surprise.

Whats more is that its connected to the story of Β “The Notebook” which makes it an altogether a familiar atmosphere with a different love story, sweeter than Noah and Allie’s — at least for me. This is more of a mature love, marital love, unconditional love, a love thats a notch higher. I highly recommend it.

I’m very happy to have picked the right book for my reading comeback. Looking forward to more “finds” πŸ™‚

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