20th Month

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Someone likes her new toy:



Stay sweet, happy and healthy
We LOVE you!


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I know she’s my daughter, but isn’t this picture the cutest? 🙂

Taken Sept 14, 2010 at 19 months
SM City Marikina

Vaccine Time

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We had a 5-month Pedia break. Now its time again for the boosters and all other vaccines for Sachi.

Our vaccine pediatrician is at the Capitol Medical Center. She’s already a “tried & tested” doctor — from my friend, my friend’s sister, her kids, my cousin’s kids… you can say she’s already an expert because of her experience and tenure in the medical world.

The not so good thing about it is that the line is sooooo long. For this visit, it took us 6 hours (including the break) before our turn 😦

Naabutan kami ng cut-off, Doctora needed to attend a meeting so we decided to eat late lunch while waiting.

Little girl (almost) knows how to eat by herself already. We had pasta at Amici, Tomas Morato

Finally, after hours of waiting, it was our turn.

Cute little girl, refusing to open her mouth 😀

When she did, I was thankful because I didn’t want to resort into forcing. That would be traumatic.

MMR Vaccine


Aww… she looks like she’s in pain 😦

Oh honey, tiis lang tayo. All these will do you good.

19-month Cuteness

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As of writing, Sachi is at Nueva Ecija. She’s with the grandparents. Sobrang nakaka-miss pag wala ang bachuchay at home. It feels so quiet, empty…

At 19 months:

Twenty Seventh

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Is this a sign that I’m really getting old? Gosh. I. am. Twenty. Seven. I am still lost. Somehow.

It feels like just an ordinary day — except that I have flowers on my bed, I was served seafood favorites, FB greetings, text messages. Well, yeah it may not be THAT ordinary.

But really, adult birthdays aren’t as fun anymore. I used to count the days, even months before my birthday. Now, its just a day that you try to make special.

Special. I guess the best way to describe my 27th birthday is that its a special ordinary day. Haha ang gulo. Maybe I’m comparing to the excitement of Sachi’s birthday. Hello? i-compare daw ba ang 1st birthday sa 27th? LOL. ohwell. I’m a scatterbrain these past few days. I felt like I just resurfaced from (or still ) in a quarter life crisis. I want to do something, yet I don’t know what. And I’m twenty seven. The clock is ticking!

Okay, enough sentiment. Its my birthday. 27 years. Only one thing is certain, I am grateful for all the LOVE. From family. From friends. I thank my parents for the support they have given me, us, through all the years. For my husband for always taking care of me. For my in-laws for being my family.

Thank you guys and I love you!!!


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Early in the morning, hubby went to his favorite wet market to buy some seafood favorites

He got me flowers

He cooked me my favorite dishes

Sachi woke me up with a kiss

I was greeted by the whole household

Posh staff made me a greeting placard and individual birthday messages.

It was payday so I had to do my employer duty.

Took pictures

Went to Rockwell

We planned to watch movie but I was too lazy. I just wanted to stroll.

Hold hands.

Sat. Ate. Chitchat.

Went home to see mom who drove all the way from Nueva to be with me on my birthday

Nothing Extravagant.

Just ordinary.



He’s Back!!

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