I just got my statement of account. I recently got back from my US trip, and so to speak, I did not like the amount it summed up to. Haha!

So I’m tucking it on the farthest part of my wallet and hope not to use it until I pay the full amount. For years now, I’ve paid the full amount every single month. Thats actually my credit motto, only to use the credit card if I have the cash to actually pay for it. So technically, I’m just in for the points, or miles. But now, I have to let go of that… napasobrahan yata ako. hahaha

Speaking of credit cards, in the US you can use your credit card without verifying  the card holder (at least for some establishments). Imagine you can swipe your own card and scan all your purchases without anyone looking at you. Also, we’ve used my father in law’s credit card in grocery stores, and oh wow, they didn’t even check that the holder is a girl, and the card belongs to a guy. Uh oh. Now I understand why they are so big on credit card fraud. And I also understand too why issues of bankruptcy result from credit cards. Ang dali bumili at ang daming pwedeng bilhin. Kaya nga “I’m tucking my credit card away” Hahahaha