Do you believe in long distance relationships? Or will you ever get into one?

I don’t. and I won’t.


Because I’m affectionate, I’m malambing, I’m clingy. I can’t take being far from my hubby… kailangan kasama ko sya always always. Thats why this is hard…

But with the technology now, makes it easier. We can text all the time, talk on the phone, and best of all you can “see” each other for free via video call on YM...

Video Calling 101

Our first video call.
1) Β Find a good internet connection for you to be able to see your screen clearly.

2) Find the most convenient time for both parties.

If you aren’t at the opposite timezone, much better. In our case, just when the other one is about to sleep, the other is wide awake just starting a brand new day.

4) Just resort to flying kisses, literally.

Ours is temporary. Just a few months. I can’t imagine how couples can survive this. We’ve both decided. This kind of set up is the first and last.
I can’t wait!!