I own a 3-year old D-SLR Nikon camera and I feel like a pro whenever I click the shutter. Even though I use the automatic setting 90% of the time, I still feel like a pro. With the beautiful summer view in the US, I couldn’t help but click away.

Sunflower power!

Birch Tree — its everybody’s milk. LOL (Ang corny ko tlga!!) Anyway, these birch trees are so cool — they look like upside down trees!!

This is the main house where my brother in law works, we refer to this as the “big house”. We live inside this property at Woodside California. The family is so rich! They have lots of luxury cars, private airplanes and their very own pilots. Di naman masyadong mayaman. But they are soo nice. Didn’t meet them personally, just the youngest daughter but I only hear praises. Thank God for people like them πŸ™‚

“Roses are Red”

“Yellow? Anybody home?”
The best smelling rose ever!

“Pinky doodledoo”

“Oh so Rose-y”

I took this shot in Seattle, inside a moving car. I don’t even know what bridge that is.

The space needle…

…bottom view

There are so many things you can take a picture of under the sun. The sky so blue, the flowers blooming (must be the summer season?), the tourist spots. Its sunny yet you won’t mind taking pictures under the sun. Its a photographer’s haven. I wish I took more landscape pics… Hmm, there’s always a next naman right? Haha (wishful thinking)