Long Distance Relationship


Do you believe in long distance relationships? Or will you ever get into one?

I don’t. and I won’t.


Because I’m affectionate, I’m malambing, I’m clingy. I can’t take being far from my hubby… kailangan kasama ko sya always always. Thats why this is hard…

But with the technology now, makes it easier. We can text all the time, talk on the phone, and best of all you can “see” each other for free via video call on YM...

Video Calling 101

Our first video call.
1)  Find a good internet connection for you to be able to see your screen clearly.

2) Find the most convenient time for both parties.

If you aren’t at the opposite timezone, much better. In our case, just when the other one is about to sleep, the other is wide awake just starting a brand new day.

4) Just resort to flying kisses, literally.

Ours is temporary. Just a few months. I can’t imagine how couples can survive this. We’ve both decided. This kind of set up is the first and last.
I can’t wait!!

Goodbye, E75

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It has only been 8 months 😦 I lost my cell again. Its the second time I lost a cellphone. One I vividly remember about 4 years ago, at Fort during my party days. I was drinking dancing, then its gone! I kinda blame myself for that because I left it in the table.

Now, I don’t actually know how it got lost. While commuting? Inside the store? I have no idea.

I wish its just here somewhere. Misplaced. Videos and pics of hubby & Sachi are all there. All my contacts too. Ay nakuuu 😦

Tucking my credit card away…

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I just got my statement of account. I recently got back from my US trip, and so to speak, I did not like the amount it summed up to. Haha!

So I’m tucking it on the farthest part of my wallet and hope not to use it until I pay the full amount. For years now, I’ve paid the full amount every single month. Thats actually my credit motto, only to use the credit card if I have the cash to actually pay for it. So technically, I’m just in for the points, or miles. But now, I have to let go of that… napasobrahan yata ako. hahaha

Speaking of credit cards, in the US you can use your credit card without verifying  the card holder (at least for some establishments). Imagine you can swipe your own card and scan all your purchases without anyone looking at you. Also, we’ve used my father in law’s credit card in grocery stores, and oh wow, they didn’t even check that the holder is a girl, and the card belongs to a guy. Uh oh. Now I understand why they are so big on credit card fraud. And I also understand too why issues of bankruptcy result from credit cards. Ang dali bumili at ang daming pwedeng bilhin. Kaya nga “I’m tucking my credit card away” Hahahaha

Into the Jeep…


I’ve been commuting for the past weeks.  Mostly taxi rides, but this morning, I took the jeep. I took the jeep to go to Robinsons. I took the jeep to go to City Hall. I took the jeep to go to SM. I went to 3 different places, with a companion, and I spent only 70 pesos! Wow! Imagine the savings. If I rode a taxi, I would have spent 300 pesos at the very least.

The drawback: super pagod and pawis. Hassle pa to go in & out the jeepney.

So why the jeep now? I ride a taxi to and from work. Thats Php 200 a day, Php 6k a month. Thats a big amount for cab rides alone. If I’m with someone, I wouldn’t mind taking the jeep. And you know what, despite the hassle…  The savings is all worth it 🙂

My (Feeling) Pro Shots

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I own a 3-year old D-SLR Nikon camera and I feel like a pro whenever I click the shutter. Even though I use the automatic setting 90% of the time, I still feel like a pro. With the beautiful summer view in the US, I couldn’t help but click away.

Sunflower power!

Birch Tree — its everybody’s milk. LOL (Ang corny ko tlga!!) Anyway, these birch trees are so cool — they look like upside down trees!!

This is the main house where my brother in law works, we refer to this as the “big house”. We live inside this property at Woodside California. The family is so rich! They have lots of luxury cars, private airplanes and their very own pilots. Di naman masyadong mayaman. But they are soo nice. Didn’t meet them personally, just the youngest daughter but I only hear praises. Thank God for people like them 🙂

“Roses are Red”

“Yellow? Anybody home?”
The best smelling rose ever!

“Pinky doodledoo”

“Oh so Rose-y”

I took this shot in Seattle, inside a moving car. I don’t even know what bridge that is.

The space needle…

…bottom view

There are so many things you can take a picture of under the sun. The sky so blue, the flowers blooming (must be the summer season?), the tourist spots. Its sunny yet you won’t mind taking pictures under the sun. Its a photographer’s haven. I wish I took more landscape pics… Hmm, there’s always a next naman right? Haha (wishful thinking)

Affair with July


I haven’t had the chance to post entries for the past months because I was busy with my June and July affair. Ohh I love love June & July!

Amidst the busybee hectic schedule of our store opening, we decided to turn our backs (just for a month), and take a much needed vacation.

So where did we go?

Like how my nephew would fondly call it “The land of opportunities”, USA. Istates ba.

We were everywhere in the US — at least in the west side.

On our first weekend, we went to Los Angeles. We went to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and of course, Universal Studios.

Us girls, posing Via Rodeo 🙂

Having fun with Shrek at Universal

We didn’t pass up the chance to meet our favorite couple — Trish & Dre. Where else, but in Hollywood — at Geisha House, partly owned by Asthon Kutcher. We were secretly hoping we’d bump into him. Teehee. We weren’t that lucky though.

During our vacation, we did nothing but eat-sleep-tour, eat-sleep-tour. Our world revolved on those 3 things. When you say food, of course there’s the lutong bahay (thanks to Nanay and Ate Claire), the fast foods, and the restaurants. We, of course, had several meals care of the famous Cheesecake Factory (confession: this menu book right here… guess where it is now 😀 ).

Here’s why I think this restaurant is famous: They have gigantic servings! Their cakes (& cheesecakes maybe) are to die for. I particularly love Linda’s Chocolate Cake. Super Yummy — moist sponge and oh so whip-creamy!

One of the culprits on my weight gain: In-n-out burger chain. I don’t really like burgers. I don’t eat burgers at all. But there’s something different with this that I can finish a whole Cheeseburger! And its huge ha. American serving. They only have less than 5 food choices on their menu. Plain and simple. Maybe that’s one of the key to their success?

We rode the cable car too! Best way to ride this electronic cable  is by standing on the side, holding on the pole. So movie-ish!

Another famous spot, Pier 39

We also visited Ninang Es and Ninong Rey up in Hercules. We went to Nappa Valley, drank wine, ate cheese — so American! 🙂 We also passed by one 0f the biggest outlet stores which houses the only Gucci outlet and Sanrio store (Between the two, I only bought stuff on the latter store — budget budget!).

Pictured above is the cheese selection at V. Sattui Winery. Had a hard time choosing because I’m not familiar with the numerous choices. Who would have thought there (seems to be) hundreds of cheese types. Ang dami!

Guess where you can find this sign?

At the Golden Gate Bridge! Did you know that the Golden Gate is the most popular place to to commit suicide in the entire world? Wow! I was too lazy to walk the bridge, so it was only hubby and our nephew who did, and they saw this sign. Know more about suicide at the bridge at Wikipedia

In our relaxed days, we go picnic-ing. This one above is at Coyote Hills. The boys go biking, while we walk,  run or jog. When everyone gets their fair share of exercise, we then eat our lunch picnic style 😉

At the crooked road, SFO

Going to the US is not complete without a trip to the Sin City. Here we are sisters in law, posing at the Belagio hotel lobby in Las Vegas 🙂 It was sooo hot. Hotter than my first visit 3 years back. I almost collapsed while watching the fountain show. Eeeeck.

Vegas is a 9-10 hour drive from our place at the Bay area. Special thanks to my sis-in-law Concie for driving most of the time 🙂

Other than the slot machines, the nightlife, and the shows, Las Vegas is also known for its buffets! Each hotel has its own. Thats us above, so full from our meal. I gained more than 10 lbs on this trip… bamsky to the max!

Another favorite part of this US trip is our adventure at Big Sur

I don’t look like your ordinary hiking gal, but hey I like this stuff! Feel na feel ko pa with my walking stick :p

After the hike, we ate and headed to Pfeiffer Beach where the boys played like they were 7 again.

Another thing on our agenda was to pay my Aunt, Tita Myrna a visit in Seattle. I was prepared for the “It rains nine months a year in Seattle”, packing trench coats and boots (which I ended up forgetting in the car). Apparently, our visit was part of the three months when it doesn’t rain. It was the sunniest part of America we’ve been to!

I was a cashier for a minute or so at McDonalds too 🙂

In Seattle, we visited the Pike Place Market where you’ll see…

…the first Starbucks in the world! Its still up and running. The number of people coming in and out of the store — endless. I wish I’ve got a business like that!

Then of course, we wouldn’t miss going up the Space Needle.

Here with Tita Myrna, background the Snoqualmie Falls.

Putting the text, phone calls and internet messages regarding our business back in the Phil aside, this is the most relaxing trip ever. We were literally taken cared of. Walang ibang gagawin but to relax. Food well prepared. Itinerary laid down. Matutulog lang ako sa sasakyan, then nandun na kami sa libot. Oh the life of a bakasyonista. Thank you very much to my in-laws. My heartfelt gratitude. Love love love!

In that month, we celebrated hun & kuya’s birthday:

Hunny J celebrated his 31st

while Kuya J celebrated his 35th.

Nanay’s bestfriend, Tita E also celebrated her birthday

Now got to save up again for another trip. Hoping for Japan, or Hawaii, or the East Coast 🙂

Words of Sachi


Sachi at 18 months can express herself more with actions rather than words. She would ask you to sit, play, ask for food, watch tv, all by actions.

So these words I’m blogging are those precious words my little princess has started voicing out:

Bah-knee (Barney) – She super loves Barney! She doesn’t want to watch any other show but Barney. She operates the TV and DVD player just so she can watch the show. The show lulls her to sleep, and the first thing she wants to do when she wakes up.

Pah-ple (Purple) – The single color she likes to say. Must be because its Barney’s color?

Yaya!! – She says yayayayaya all the time. One of the few words she shouts. Dependent on yaya much? 😛

Papa – Her next favorite word is Papa. She would call papa and say papa out of the blue.

Ta-chi – Her answer when you ask “whats your name?” She would also say “ta-chi” when she wants to write. She’ll get a pen and paper and say “ta-chi” as if she’s gona right her name 🙂

Mama – She can say “mama” but says it quietly. That makes mama sad. Naiinggit sya how Sachi can say “papa” out loud 🙂

Mamu – thats how she refers to me! 🙂

Dada – She can say “dada” sometimes, but like “mama”, as quietly as possible.

Hoo (Taho) – Whenever she hears manong magtataho coming, she would say “hooo”. This is one of her staple breakfast food 😀

Taxi – So unusual that she can say “tak-si” out loud. We were waiting for a cab one time, and yaya keeps on shouting “taxi taxi”, and she just repeated the word 😀

Sachi’s growing up so fast. I can’t carry her for too long now. Super bigat. She doesn’t look that fat, but she’s siksik. Recent pictures of our little princess —

The youngest “client” of Posh Nails

Intensely doodling with powder all over her arm :))

Another visit at Posh SM Marikina

Smiling for the camera with her 2 loves — Barney & Brownie

“Sexy Pose”

“Akin nlng ang chicken”

Wiping off the chicken oil 🙂

Everyday is a new day to discover and learn new things. I wonder if I should enrol her into a toddler school as early as now?