Random Pics

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Im using Mackie right now, my iBook from college. She’s still working fine. And she has built in bluetooth unlike Pinky so I got the chance to transfer my mobile pics…

Holy Thursday 2010, we went grocery shopping

Making faces 😮

Her favorite toy — “Hello?”

Here she is making pa-cute while eating McDonalds french fries

Walking in the village, bumping into her new friend

Just random babbling of Sachi’s pics from my phone :p

Sick :(

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We’re very blessed to have a very healthy baby. Sachi didn’t get sick during her 1st year. She’s had runny nose, occasional coughing but thats it. She never had fever, even after vaccinations.

Until the 18th of May

Look at her sleeping under the blanket. She never sleeps with a blanket. When we’re at Mama’s room where the a/c is super duper cold, everyone is wrapped in blankets except her. She would remove the blanket whenever we try to tuck her in. But look at her above, my poor little girl 😦

She had fever for 2 days reaching up to 39.5, on the 3rd day, we gave her ibuprofen. The following day, spots in her tummy and back of the neck started to come out. Papa was debating that its measles, I was saying its just rashes.

Whatever it is, Im happy its all gone today. Get well soon my little girl!

It’s been awhile


I was MIA.

POSH Nails SM Marikina just opened and we’ve been very busy — so far, so good 🙂 All you readers who chance upon this blog, come and visit Posh Nails SM Marikina at the Cinema Level, in front of Cinema 3. Yes, shameless plugging! Hehehe!

Pretty much everything happening now revolves around Posh — daily operations, logistics, tech issues, customer service, etc. I need MORE technicians!

Fast track to today —

Sachi is sick 😦 😦 😦 She has high fever. Although she’s relatively still happy and playful, she’s constantly whining. Her temperature is making me worried 😦 😦