Its the first time I wore my Melissa flats today. Its light, its soft, but my feet still doesn’t feel the hang of it. There’s something wrong. Its like I can’t walk as comfortable as wearing Crocs. Must be because I’m new to it.

Must wear often. Break in.

So for now, between Melissa & Crocs, I choose Crocs for everyday walking.

And oh, I do sooo many walkings with the Posh construction going on,  my legs literally hurt right now.

Flabsy (aka my father), bought 12 pairs of Crocs this morning. (I’m one of the blessed recipient) Got the same style as my old pair, but in a different color 🙂

I was so hesitant with the purchase knowing that by Thursday, March 18, Crocs will be on Sale up to 90% off at the Meg Tent. The sales lady assured us though that these styles and/or colors will not be on sale.

Ay siguraduhin, or else super ako manghihinayang…

Thank you Flabsy! You will make a dozen people happy 🙂

Do you own both brands? Which brand do you like better?