Who’s Melissa?

She’s my new best friend. She’s white and she’s soft. Uber comfy to the max. It’s so light, I feel like I’m barefoot. My comfortable Crocs suddenly felt somehow bulky. (To think I was praising Crocs just yesterday, telling mother to get one for herself. I’m going to introduce her to Melissa.)

>> Melissa at Culte Femme, Shangri-la: Picture to follow <<

Eye Candy

I got the Ultragirl Slingback II. I’m checking their online store, I can’t seem to find my purchase. Hmmm… must be a new color for this season? a special edition? Or perhaps an old one? Online, there’s the Ultragirl Vazada with colors gold, black, pink and purple… But check it out here:

>> Pic of Cult Femme Shang to follow<<

They have it in blue and white too. Ohhh I’m loving it!

Melissa Ultragirl Slingback II White


They smell so great too!! Can you picture yourself smelling shoes? Well, for Melissa you will surely do! I can’t help but sniff sniff… these jelly belly shoes… they’re yummy!!


(In defense of Crocs. hehe) I still love my Crocs, it is still on the category of light & comfortable 🙂