Ricel Gonzales passed the Bar Exam!

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Yes, thats how proud I am of my best friend. She passed the 2009 (law) bar exam. Out of the 5,903 examinees, only 1,451 passed and she’s part of it. Yahoooo!

See the results here

Earthquake, Today

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I just felt the strongest earthquake this afternoon. We were at Landmark Trinoma when the 5.9 – 6.2 magnitude quake happened. I swear everything was swaying and I felt the ground shaking. I was looking for the fire exit the whole time. It felt like a full 3-minute quake.

I got so dizzy, an hour after the quake, my head was still spinning.

Thank God no damage was reported. I pray that was just that.

I hope everyones okay!

Chesca Laureen Turns 1

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It’s our first Jollibee party! Sachi came as a piglet, no not the Pooh character, just an attempt for the piglet look with her headband πŸ™‚

Sachi with the birthday celebrant, Yay! Happy Bday Chesca!

“Hi what’s your name?”

Happy Jollibee Party Chesca!

Sachi’s first face paint — So behaved. She was kinda wondering what the artist was doing to her face

Mommy & Piglet Sachi

Happy Happy Birthday Chesca! May you grow up to be God-fearing, healthy and smart lady. Cheers to Mommy Jen! πŸ™‚

My First Garage Sale


Finally, I’ve successfully pulled up a garage sale. Many thanks to our helpers for taking care of the “event”.

It took me awhile to let go of my college & work clothes,Β especiallyΒ my beloved MNG tops. But they have to go. I raised over Php 5,000 — that’s one precious jacket, or several new tops, or 2 pairs of shoes.

So if you’re looking for extra money this summer, clean out your closet and sell your pre-used clothes at a bargain!

My little one has acquired fondness over bags. She’s taking a look at one of Mommy’s bargain πŸ˜€

Next day, she’s still walking around — picking a different bag walking like a lady. How kikay Sachi is turning out to be.

Don’t you think my first garage sale was a success?

We β™₯ Crocs


Its the first time I wore my Melissa flats today. Its light, its soft, but my feet still doesn’t feel the hang of it. There’s something wrong. Its like I can’t walk as comfortable as wearing Crocs. Must be because I’m new to it.

Must wear often. Break in.

So for now, between Melissa & Crocs, I choose Crocs for everyday walking.

And oh, I do sooo many walkings with the Posh construction going on, Β my legs literally hurt right now.

Flabsy (aka my father), bought 12 pairs of Crocs this morning. (I’m one of the blessed recipient) Got the same style as my old pair, but in a different color πŸ™‚

I was so hesitant with the purchase knowing that by Thursday, March 18, Crocs will be on Sale up to 90% off at the Meg Tent. The sales lady assured us though that these styles and/or colors will not be on sale.

Ay siguraduhin, or else super ako manghihinayang…

Thank you Flabsy! You will make a dozen people happy πŸ™‚

Do you own both brands? Which brand do you like better?

Crab Love

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I just want to share my lunch yesterday. Its not everyday I get to eat crabs as faaaaaat as this:


*The fat crab came from Aklan… probably on the shores of Bora? hehe
Thanks to hubby’s aunt, Auntie Tita. Yummy!


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After a few months of vaccine rest, we went back to our Pedia for Sachi’s chickenpox vaccine. During her first year, we religiously went to the doctor every month for her vaccine.

For 2010, this is our first visit:

Oh wow, Sachi has really grown so big. She used to lie on that infant weighing scale, ang bilis, ngayon di na sya kasya.

Awwww look at her dramatic crying **Ouch**
May paawa effect

Good thing madali syang patahanin. Love love Sachi!

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