A week after Valentines, hubby decided to surprise us with a visit to Tagaytay. You see, hubby is not much fan of tagging the little princess along in out of town trips because she’s really a hyper kiddo. She would climb from the back seat to the passenger seat, hold anything and everything, she could hardly sit still. Yays took care of several babies and toddlers already, no one compares to Sachi’sΒ kalikutan.

So when J said we’re going to Tagaytay with Sachi, I was excited πŸ™‚

Our main stop is ParadiZOO.

Mommy is not the only one who’s excited

My little girl is so happy to be there too πŸ™‚

-- Holding hands --

Sachi kept on holding the cub, I kept on pulling her hand away. Mahirap na noh.

We’re both wearing our Crocs πŸ™‚ Finally kasya na!

Look Mommy!

There was a pony, lion, monkeys, birds, camel, goat, boar, crocodile and that lying white animal (pictured above). I forgot what it is but it looks like a hybrid of a pony and a sheep πŸ™‚ Its beautiful actually.

Its the White Lion!

Look Yays thats the tiger from my book!

Among all the animals, Sachi loved the Tigers the most. She would make this “grrrr” sound when you point the Tiger picture on her animal book.

Our second animal encounter is this long, heavy, and leather-ish feel skin…

Mr. Sawa

…of a Snake!

It is one happy getaway with hyper kulit Sachi πŸ™‚ I just wished we waited for the bus for the farm animal tour. Para sulit. But then at the back of our minds, its hot and it looks kinda boring. Hehe πŸ™‚

Thanks Daddy for driving us here

Paradizoo entrance fee: Php 249 per head

For lunch, we originally wanted Sonya’s, but decided on Antonio’s in the end. Oh my, the line was long. It sure felt like everyone in Manila fled here to eat lunch.Β Since we were already hungry and its past 1 o’clock, we stopped at the nearest restaurant, La Trobada.

The place has a nice view of Taal lake, it is nipa hut inspired so it felt cooler than usual, plus the singing combo was very entertaining (Much like the singing cooks and waiters). 2 things though, the food came way too late. I felt like I’ve been waiting for hours. Then for the food, its just okay, not good, not great, just okay.

We ordered the seafood platter and bulalo. Our family makes great bulalo, so yeah, eating bulalo at Tagaytay is simply “just because” we’re in Tagaytay. Indeed, it doesn’t compare to our home made. (I’m one proud family member eh? hehe).

On our way back, I saw this new hotel resort, Estancia if I’m not mistaken. It looks Mediterranean. If it is, thats next on our list πŸ™‚

Share the Love, Spread the Love! Happy Family Valentines! πŸ™‚

Swing Away!