When I open my eyes, I open Pinky, my HP Mini. And I start the day checking FB. Before I go to sleep, I do the same. When I’m bored, I go online too.

For a “techie” person like me, this is gona be hard. Especially that I’m running a promo, and I am excited to share progress on on my new venture.

But I do owe Him lots of things, and I’m guilty of not going to Mass recently. FB abstinence is not enough I know, it will not cover up my neglected mass duties. This is just the start. I am 5 days late, but better late than do nothing πŸ™‚

How about you, do you have a Lenten sacrifice?

I failed the FB abstinence. Boohoo! I survived only a day. Hubby wasn’t supportive at all. I intend to do a Holy Week sacrifice instead… (crossing my fingers)