The stolen wallet incident must be a wake up call.

Because we are so blessed (and I thank God everyday for that) we might be getting too occupied with the blessings.

  • We haven’t gone to Mass for a number of Sundays already.
  • The wallet was stolen while I was doing Posh stuff on the computer — I’m so into this new venture, into these material things — I have to remind myself that there are far more important things. Like my Christian responsibilities, more time with my daughter, etc.
  • I am so trusting and complacent. I’ve been told and constantly been reminded not to leave my things lying around, but I never really put that into practice — I didn’t think someone would actually reach out and get someone else’s belongings.

All the things that’s been stolen are just… things. Hassle to replace them yes, but thats just what they are… things. I can replace them anytime.

I’m now wide awake. Thank you for the wake up call.


<Merging Entries>

Still in relation with my stolen wallet, I am researching on how to replace my cards. My CCs are blocked, that’s settled. For government IDs such as SSS and TIN… all I need is an affidavit of loss and the filled up corresponding forms. I will change status and surname in the process. At least that’s hitting 2 birds with one stone.

For reward point cards with such as Laking National, Suki Cards, and SM Advantage, they are all replaceable. Now I’m still thinking what else was in my wallet?

Researching all these, I stumbled upon discount coupons offered by Mercury Drug. Well hey, isn’t that great? Check this out for the month of Feb:

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Every month, they have discount coupons. To get the complete list check it out here

Its becoming another blessing. It really is just a wake up call.