How do I get over a stolen wallet?

Someone stole it at our shop. Ngayon lang. PI. I rarely curse, pero PI!!!!Theres not much cash, but I have important cards there!


It just happened a few hours back so I’m still all rage. I hate you whoever you are. Now I have to keep my guard up when I’m in the shop. It is no longer a safe zone. And I hate you for that. I hate hate you!!!

I am having the security cameras checked at the security department. If I see the person who stole it, then what?

When someone steal from you, its depressing. Its not only the lost items, its the ideal. Meron talagang masasamang tao 😦

I am still hoping that my wallet will be returned. Kahit wala ng pera. Basta un ibang laman lang, its useless to him anyways.

Still hoping…