Everyday is Valentines, cheesy as it may sound, that’s us. We are inseparable. We go on dates almost everyday. But sometimes, a girl still needs red roses, or fancy planned dates…

So I was making plans:

There was the Binondo Food Walk — but I figured it must be crowded.
Then the cruise with the Pyro-musical at MOA. Its the ideal, but it must be fully booked 2 days before Vday.
There was the hot air balloon too — but we have to wake up at 3am so we can reach the destination in time.
There was Aquatico — but hey of course it was fully booked.

So we just to decided to fill our stomach on the crossover lunch at Dusit Thani Hotel.

All was set and reserved, until we had a get together on the eve of the 13th and fed ourselves seafood power at YakiMix MOA. A few hours before, we had late lunch-slash-merienda at David’s Tea House, ate Vigan empanada, and got dessert at Icebergs.

Needless to say, after that much eating plus the dinner at yakimix, we were so full and just too lazy to get up for lunch the next day, on Vday.

We ended up watching Valentines Day & a hefty dinner at Mr.Choi Kitchen.

It wasn’t a fancy Valentines, no not this year.

Maybe next?