Sachi’s babbling four to six  2-letter words in one single sentence. (haha parang ang labo ng explanation ko :p). She says “ya-ra-la-ba-ya-ah”. I couldn’t really get the syllables but she is babbling! She gets into this long rambles when she’s frustrated.

She can say “pa”, “la”, “ya”, even “len” at random, not yet in reference to a person or object. She does, however, point to things she wants, climb on her playpen, yayays shoulders, climb the stairs, the bed… ang likot ng batang to as in! hyper!

Are all babies who just turned ONE like that?

She cries so loud too! As in she will open her mouth and say “aaaaaaaaahhh”  “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” na bigay na bigay while crying. I don’t really blame her, sabi nga ni Mama, may pinagmanahan. Yes I was a crybaby. LOL

Oh, and she’s dancing now. She started waving her hands (which yayays call “bayang magiliw” hahaha) and now she’s twisting her waist, sometimes stomping her leg. Ain’t that cute?

Its just a week since she turned ONE — and she has shown a lot of progress. This will be a year of milestone, we’re all excited!