Enchanted Kingdom, the Disneyland of the Philippines 🙂

I have been to this theme park a handful of times. I can still remember the first time my family went here… it was sparkling brand new. That was January 2 year I-dont-know-anymore. Saying it was jam packed backed then is an understatement. I cannot forget the number of celebrities we saw. That made my first EK trip memorable, plus we went home riding only the Grand Carousel. We drove 4 hours all the way from the province… to ride the carousel!

Ever since that visit, I was itching to go back.

And I did, several times.

Fast track  at present — we were invited to attend Christophe’s birthday party here at EK.  Of course I was excited to go. Not only will it be the first time for Sachi, for us family, but it’s the first time of JM too! Yes, at his glorious thirty, it’s the hubby’s first time too.

We were the early birds, we got there at 2pm (di naman masyadong excited!), party started around 330pm. There was a brief program, food and desserts (yummy ice cream cake!) then by 5pm, guests were given the go signal to enjoy the ride all you can passes.

Unfortunately, since the sun has settled by the time we headed out, people started swarming. The earlier, almost empty rides now got lines swirling in multiple U’s. With a kid in tow, we don’t have that much patience waiting in long lines. Years have passed, the place still gets jam packed.

And yes, like my first time, JM & Sachi’s first was a no-ride visit too.


Sachi’s ballerina-meet-gymnast outfit

“Look at my hand, can you see my ring?”

“I’ve seen the map, is this the right place?

Posing under the sun, in front of Anchors Away

Party time! Sitting beside Ben10 cake

“Weee! I got a balloon”
Sachi so happy with her balloon

Getting friendly with Aquisha

Sachi and Aquisha
(They’re almost of the same height! Aquisha is half a year older)

“Eeeee where are the guests, let’s start the party!”

“Waaaaah I don’t want to stay in my stroller. I wana partee”

Picture with the birthday family

Taray look — “Don’t you get my balloon!”
(She actually fell asleep holding that balloon)

Strolling around the park with Yaya Lits

Not the best pic, but our only pic on this trip

Yaya Lita — love love yayays

Delos Santos’ First Enchanted Kingdom 🙂