Its very hard to find an inexpensive place to eat out nowadays. But with these 4 food stops, the moolah in your pockets will surely go a long way. Plus, your stomachs will not only get full, your taste buds will get 100% satisfied.

My Criteria:

  • Masarap
  • Malinis
  • Mabilis
  • Mabait
  • Mura


1) Kebur
20th avenue, QC

The pinaka mura of all mura foods in the whole wide world :p

Heaven: Crispy Sisig and Pita Pie
You can also try: Keema

The place is literally a small shaft, but with the good food and the suking tindahan kind of price, our trip to this neighborhood food stop is so worth it!

2) World’s Best Persian Kebab
E. Rod corner Tomas Morato (beside Sabroso Lechon)

The name does speak up for the food they are serving — Β tastes like the world’s best!

Heaven: Shawarma & Kebab
You can also try: Ox Brain (generous serving)

3) Behrouz
Timog, QC

*Note: “Mabilis” is a big X in this resto. You have to have long stories to tell so you won’t get bored waiting for your order

Heaven: Kebab kebab kebab

This branch is cheaper than the one in Metrowalk. Makes me swear not to eat at the Metrowalk branch again. Same food, same taste, but a lot more expensive. No way!

4) Mr. Derby (take out)
Quezon City

Heaven: Pichi Pichi

On the look out for more!