A crib is a safety ground for my child to play. It’s her nest when playing or taking a nap. But for some babies, CRIBS is a home. CRIBS foundation that is.

The entrance to the office / receiving area
We finally got the chance to visit the babies at the CRIBS foundation. Since our scheduled visit was held on a weekday, a lot of people couldn’t join. So it was just J, R and & I, but we were armed with lots of goodies. (I forgot that we were supposed to wear white and bring socks. Mental note: Don’t forget that simple instruction on the next visit)
A shoutout to Tina, Eric, Leonie and Ate Vi for the goods you gave. It will go a long way, the babies (and kids) in the foundation really need them.
This is where we spent our time — we fed, carried and played with the babies inside this airconditioned room.
There is an adjacent room where there are almost newborn babies being nursed. You can see this room from the glass window.
My realization:  After spending about an hour with the babies, you’ll get to realize that what they need most is human touch. Once you hold the babies, they won’t let go.
All they need is LOVE.

One baby was sick. He’s 9 months, has fever and runny nose. No one was attending to him. When I held him, he lay on my arms as if dead tired. When I tried to put him back on the crib, he was crying. Ohh it breaks my heart to see these babies not getting enough love.

There were at least 6 or 7 babies, and I only saw one attendant. Shux. How can one person take care of many babies. Taking care of one is already a handful. I can only imagine — You can only feed and play for a minute, then transfer to the next baby.
I wish more volunteers would visit and take time to just hold the babies.
**Fairy dust o’ fairy dust**

They need human touch. I hope we can all find time. I, too am hoping I can continue this. We should all take part in giving them the love all babies deserve.

*Light bulb*

If in the future I end up with 400 employees (I dont know how that will happen), I will give each employee “A day with the babies”  — at least I’m sure the babies will get TLC all year round.

To know more about the foundation and how you can help. click on this link

Photo credit: CRIBS website