As you all know (my friends), I quit my job to focus on this little store that we have at the 3rd level of Robinsons Metro East, SACHI PRINTS. It’s a personalized t-shirt printing business with the use of heat press technology. It’s photographic so we capture images right to the “littlest” detail (ehem, ehem, kinda plugging eh? ;p)

We did a wonderful job on our first 2 months, November & December. Why not? It was the SEASON TO BE JOLLY. Really, there were a lot of reasons to be jolly about. We turned down a lot of orders because we couldn’t fulfill anymore. And our equipments never failed us.

That scenario is applicable up until this month, January. Everything — from CPU to printer to heat press — they all broke down. To top that, we are staring at each other 11 hours a day. Not much sales. But that was expected. On the consumerism side, this month is really a down-the-drain month…

I miss December. We’re now prepared, we got 2 machines, 2 printers — oh orders, come to us! LOL

But anyway… the main point actually of this entry is to show the picture of the owner (*wink: Sachi) visiting her store:

“How are the sales?”
Madam Sachi checking her store

“Weee! We earned enough to buy me some toys” (at the back) LOL