In order to be your own boss, you got to pass through this. And it was hell. kinda.

Fixing a business permit from scratch at Pasig City hall is relatively a breeze coz its very systematic, but it is very tiring. Plus the fact that the area was a river that time, it didn’t help.

Due to typhoon Ondoy, the whole area of the city hall is filled with water. You have to either walk on the Pedstrian skyway (thank God for that) or ride a boat. Yes. Ride a boat! And that was weeks after Ondoy.

We went to city hall at least 5 times back and forth… City hall – Annex – City Hall – Annex–

On our last trip to the city hall,the road was clear. No sign of water or boats. Seems like nothing happened. Hai, Ondoy.

Good thing its all over. Now I’m writing this, it’s time to renew our permits. How time flies!


This is a super, very, to the max late post :p