First post for the year 2010! 🙂

The past month has been very busy, this month is looking as tight!

What’s happening now:

  • Our store equipment are starting to break… printers, computer, press — STRESS!
  • Errands for the abovementioned equipment
  • Party planning — scheduling of meetings with suppliers, prize shopping, etc

For my first 2010 entry, I wanted to make “A Year that Was”. It was a very blessed year. The most blessed of all if I must say. On top of my head — it’s the year I gave birth, I survived complications, Sachi’s blessed first year, our wedding, Sachi’s baptism, celebrated birthdays, Nanay’s stay in the Philippines, Sachi Prints, go signal for up to 5M business venture (God-willing)  — So much happened, all blessings. I want to elaborate but I don’t have much time. Hopefully I can still find time to blog. (I thought after leaving my office work, I’ll have more “extra” time — so far NOT!)

I need to shut down. I’m dead tired. Tomorrow is a new (busy) day

(Playing dead:)

(after shoppping for prizes — in preparation for Sachi’s party)

— check out my new shoe rack (on the left, white self). Thank you Flabsy! See the 4 layers? You can pull that like a keyboard drawer — unfortunately, no shoes are welcome yet. Our room is a mess coz of all the party stuff (and ayaw ko man aminin, all my usual kalat :p)


Sachi is walking already! A few steps on her own (She has runny nose now btw, and cough. And slight fever coz she feels hot, but is still cheerful happy and lively– just reporting to the world :p)

More pics and happenings to follow!

– Christmas Bingo
– New Year
– Disney on Ice
– DV shopping
– Holidays at SachiPrints
– Bulacan: Fireworks Land
– The year in pictures