Sachi can walk 5 feet without support. Bravo! 🙂 She can stand up on her own for a split second too 😀

Sachi clapping

She’s curios of the people around her…

and the things around her…

Sachi sitting with the big bear display at Robinsons Metro East

One of the few things she’s learned to do at a very young age: USE A CELLPHONE!

Really, she will get the cellphone and put it on her ear and say “AH!” really loud which I guess means “Hello” in Sachi world. Caught it in video!

(Darn. I just found out I cannot add video from my files here at wordpress. Got to upgrade and pay 😦 )

Not sure who’s enjoying more — Sachi or Daddy?

11 months na! lapit na 1 year. Woot woot! 🙂