I resigned from work.

So I no longer have a health card — that’s one major perk if you’re an employee. You get “free” medical service.

But hey! I wouldn’t exchange the freedom I have now.

A few days before my resignation’s effectivity, I made sure we brought Sachi to the doctor one last time (service free).

Very nice clinic this Pedia has

Minimalist yet very elegant.
There’s a chandelier on top of this chair which I was itching to take a pic

Our doctor is young and sweet. She explains things very well and is very good with children. (The only drawback with young doctors are their experience. But our Capitol pedia is much older, so I think that will make up for it)

I just might have found Sachi’s go-to pedia who gives detailed explanations. Our vaccine doctor kc doesn’t take much time explaining.

As per doctora, Sachi’s height and weight is for 1 year above — she’s my little giant πŸ™‚

As for me, I had my last intellicate check-up with Dra. Cheng. I was supposed to have ultrasounds done but I can’t find the time. Hopefully all is good and there will be no need for health cards from now on!