We love piggy banks.

Sleepy Piggys  A and B, Piggy C and our new project for 2010, Goldie!

We’ve been saving up for Sachi’s birthday party — with a piggy bank! teehee 🙂 Now that the date is fast approaching, we decided to break our bank.

All these gold coins are the hardwork of my dear hubby. He’s been religiously putting in 5-peso and 10-peso coins — with a strict rule not to put piso piso. He would sometimes go to a neighborhood sari-sari store just to exchange accumulated 1-peso coins to 5 and 10-peso coins.

I’d like to share, in a span of 1 year we saved 7k! That’s not bad. We can use it for 2 food carts rin ha.

Yey to hun! (here, carrying his heavy piggys — with an OA reaction. But really, the piggys are heavy 🙂 )