Ever since JM heard that Classic Savory is going to open at Robinsons Metro East, he was raving about it. So on its second day of opening, we ordered hototai soup, yang chow rice and chicken for dinner.

>> Pic to follow <<

Sorry to say, we didn’t like it. I feel like I didn’t get the value for my money. The hototai soup is priced at Php 195 — and what do we get for that value? A soup with 2 pieces of liver, 2 pieces of shrimp, some seafood balls and a few cabbage floating around. I swear it was so bare. ? It’s not even worth half of the price. The chicken and yang chow on the other hand was okay. The chicken was tender but nothing special, same for the yang chow. There are yang chows that can be eaten as it is. This one, nah.

So I guess the next time we eat here, we’ll stay away from the soup and the rice. We’ll try the noodles. Maybe that is Savory.

We got a free tumbler — For every food purchase worth at least Php 500, you get a free tumbler. Nothing too exciting, but it’s still a freebie 🙂