I used to find the foods at Burgoo bland, but not anymore. I love their creamy dory fish and mashed potato. After our lunch, I had a full stomach I could barely stand up.

My fave is their strawberry shake but since I had cough and colds, I opted to just drink water. Of the foods we ordered, everything was sumptuous except for the shrimp fajitas. Texas roadhouse still has the best!

Burgoo is relatively expensive, average price of regular serving is Php 295-395, while a large serving can go as high as Ph 500+, not my regular lunch deal. I’m gona give you a tip though. Choose 3 “Try this, it’s new” dishes and pay only for the 2 higher value meal. Isn’t that great? I think the creamy dory fish was the free meal on this set. Lovely! πŸ™‚