I feel bad that I haven’t had the chance to religiously take down notes on Sachi’s monthly milestones. But here they are as I remember the small and big things that make every month exciting for us:

7 months – The day Ondoy came. It was such a blessing that Sachi was not at home during that time. Really grateful Above.

At 7 months, Sachi can bear some weight on her legs when she’s being held upright. She crawls to get things and loves to razzle (brrrrrrr using her mouth with matching drooling saliva)

8 months

– She can walk around the crib unassisted but with support on the railings
– We carry her as if she’s 2 years old already – She has strong bones!
– 2 front teeth erupting
– Hardly wants to be left alone
– Bonding with mommy (yaya had to leave for a family emergency for a whole week) — so Sachi and I bonded over sleep. hehe 🙂
– Sachi slept for 13 hours straight! — record breaking! (of course Iwas feeding her all throughout)
– Will reach out just about anything
– Sits without support
– Crawls up on hands and knees
– Recognizes lights and object (esp Christmas lights), and feels rough from smooth (she doesn’t like to touch Christmas tree leaves coz of its texture)
– Usually throws whatever she’s holding
– Loves to stay outdoors
– Smiles at and tries to kiss her image in the mirror
– Changes emotions easily- from laughing to crying
– Likes cats and dogs. She gets stunned with “meows” – She “talks” to dogs
– Searches the floor to find a dropped object.
– Bad smell – beautiful eyes – ugly face all rolled into one funny facial expression

9 months

– First photo shoot to celebrate her 9th month
– First fall (Nov 7)
– Shouts “AH!” loudly
– She can walk around the crib railings unassisted, shifting one hand from the other
– 2 front teeth almost fully erupted but with space in the middle
– We had our first trick or treat at Serendra. She was holding her treat bag all the time
– She gets totally NR when in front of a crowd
– Giggles out loud, anticipating tickles or simple tummy touch
– She can definitely recognize mommy and daddy
– Drooling to the max
– Always  pulls herself up to sitting position the moment she wakes up
– Knows how to be picky — she picks unusual stuff using her fingers, in the maarte way, using only her thumb and pointer finger
– Expresses separation anxiety — when I’m on my way out, she cries when I give her back to yays
– She sometimes tend to become bashful, turning away, whining and crying around unfamiliar people
– She can almost walk holding on to railings/furniture
– Plays peek-a-boo
– Objects when you try to take a toy away or whatever is in her hands
– Stand momentarily
– Associate words with action: Say Christmas tree and she looks at the Christmas tree, same for dog, cat, book, ball, and lizard

* Pictures to follow — hopefully!!