If you are ferociously mad that a certain car was not bought for you. Think Hard. And think selflessly. A one million peso car at a time when the business is down? Did you even know that your mother is depressed because of 2-year consecutive loss?

And for you?? Your own car?? A spare car is needed, not a luxury car. And oh. I didn’t quite get that — your very own? Really? Or was it only you who knows that? Did you make it clear to the one who will buy the car, that is, the mother?

How many times did you bring any of the cars to a repair shop? How many times did you bring it for maintenance? Did you fix any of the papers? We got 4 cars, that’s a lot to say no to each of these questions.

How many times did you pay for gasoline? for repair? for maintenance? Do you know the cost of such? You cant even have a flat tire fixed immedialtely! And you say you deserve one. If this is your dream, you better wake up to a bad dream.

For pete’s sake. One million pesos for a second hand car? How many second hand decent vehicles can that amount of money buy? And who the hell decides? No not you.You make your dream. If it is a dream, it is dictated by no one but you. You don’t effin’ blame someone for a supposedly dream when all is just a figment of your imagination.

Galit na galit ka. Bakit? Di mo matanggap all the negative facts about the effin’ car? And myghad. You almost got it? One look from the mother and it was a big NO. Saan nanggaling yung I am so close?

Ang hirap sayo. Ikaw lang nakakaintindi sa sarili mo. You dont reach out to give others the chance to understand you, at least your family. Ibang iba ka sa kaibigan. Ibang iba ka sa pamilya. Everyone in the family can attest to that. Even our extended family. I’m sure this is what you have in mind right now — oo na ikaw na lagi tama, ikaw na lagi, ikaw na magaling etc etc. You know what stop the damn comparison! You say don’t get envious? but everytime something like this happens, you always end up comparing yourself. How contradicting.

Step up behind the shadow. Ano ka kawawa? Kung ano meron ako, dapat meron ka. Ganun? O cge, wala akong camcorder. O ikaw meron. Wala akong malaking lens. Ikaw meron. Ok na? Panalo ka na? Check my material things, wala ka ba?? May SLR ka naman, may notebook ka naman. Ano kaya? Ewan ko ba. Its in your damn head. Ever since. And if you live behind that freaking shadow, things will always end up sour like this.

I am not perfect, not even close to it. But that is besides the point. We are talking about you. Not Me. And regardless if I am perfect or not, that does not have a bearing on what I have to say and how you should act.

Oh. and to the so-called friends that keep on chirping, know the very reason of this.