It’s inevitable as they say, the first fall will come. It’s just a matter of time.

I feel like Sachi’s fall came too soon. She’s only 9 months kaya. Baka di pa fully developed her brain tapos naalog or something 😦

How it happened as narrated to me by yaya Lits:

Sachi and Yay were taking an afternoon nap in the (above the knee level) bed. Yay stood up to go to the comfort room. She hasn’t event reached the door when she heard a loud cry. It was Sachi bawling herself out. Poor poor baby. She fell right smack on the wooden floor, head first. I can’t imagine her fall and I don’t want to imagine it coz that’s just too hard. Yay told my sister not to text me coz I might panic and go home right away ( I will talga noh!). Considering Sachi wasn’t vomitting, and didnt lose consciousness, they didn’t inform me until I got home late that night.

The next morning, I saw Sachi with a big yellow to greenish bukol on her forehead. As in half of her forehead is bukol 😦 We went to Medical City ER to have her checked. Since she was all smiley, conscious and happy, we were only asked to observe her and pat ice on her forehead.

Days have passed, luckily she didn’t have the symptoms the doctors asked us to look out for. Thank God.

Things to watch out for:

1. Vomitting
2. Irritable
3. Unusual sleepiness
4. Unconsciousness