Today, I celebrate my 3rd year with my first company, my first job. I didn’t imagine I’ll reach this stretch.

And on this special day, I chose to officially tender my resignation.

People ask me why, where will I go. My answer? “Nowhere”

And I feel like people find it relatively unusual. Ako pa un nahihya that I’m not going anywhere. Dapat ba may lilipatan?

The real deal is that I need to take a break — three years is 3 years. Ang tagal ko ng hindi gumigising ng late pag weekday noh! My working hours start at 7am, then lately (although I was the one who requested), starts at 4am. But more than staying in bed late, I need to grow. Grow outside the company. If I want to explore and do something, I have to start now. I may not get the same financial reward, but I’m positive I will — we will, in the near future.

So for now, I’ll rest, spend time with my family and my little business, and think of something to do.

As cliche as it may sound, there is nothing more rewarding when you’re doing what you really want to do.

So I bid goodbye to my wonderful superiors, especially my bosses in the US. I bid goodbye to my colleagues who are all down to earth and fun to be with. I bid goodbye to this special company.