It’s our first trick or treat! OUR — that means me, Jm and Sachi. Yes, we all experienced it at the same time. Both JM and I had our first taste of trick or treating at 26 and 30 years old. Back in the old days, we don’t go trick or treating, di uso sa family namin. Plus, we don’t really live in a posh subdivision that has programs like that, and di pa sya ganun ka-uso when we were young. Now, all malls have their own trick or treating gimmicks. So its very convenient for kids, and kids at heart to experience their own Halloween fun.

Trick or Treat 09

Trick or Treat ’09

We were scheduled for a trick or treat at Powerplant (Thanks Ninang Ricel for buying us tix), but since there was typhoon Santi, the organizers decided to postpone the event to November 1. I was initially heartborken, di kami pwede Nov. 1. I didn’t want to let go of the fun family idea of our first trick or treat. So with no clear plan in mind, we still wore our Family outfit — Mommy Ghost and Daddy Ghost, tagging our Ghost kiddo in rainbow leg warmers…

Sachi and Daddy

We took our chances and went to High Street. Good thing there was a trick or treat going on too (haha, saan ba wala?). We got to walk around the stores, JM  & I taking turns carrying Sachi. Nakakapagod ha. Di namin naikot the whole place coz we got tired too soon.

Sachi was one of the youngest trick or treaters, and as such, we got praises at almost every store that we went to. She religiously held her pumpkin treat bag all the time too (when staff puts candies on her treat bag, I take it away so it won’t get heavy).

But like all instances where there are many people around her, she tends to have NR moments. Before we left, we had our souvenir taken at the Photobooth. Sachi is so NR in the photos. She’s too busy processing what’s going on. (Check out the photobooth pic above, she’s curious on why I’m wearing a hat)

Hope you had a fun halloween event too! I’m looking forward to next year — she’ll be walking and running and screaming!