I am writing this December, but I’m back tracking the date. With my SHARP memory (sarcasm here), bear with what I can remember with the help of my planner.

Events and Celebrations

Sachi’s first photo shoot more pics here

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

Trick or Treating at Serndra  ♥  Rockwell  ♥  SM Megamall  ♥  Robinson’s Metro East (this will be our second home from now on) ♥ Pasig City Hall Adventure

What I did for the first time this month

♥ Sachi’s First Photo Shoot ♥ Trick or Treating ♥ Being a stage mom to the fullest

Other notables: Sachi’s 13 hour sleep

Huffy Birthdays: 5 – Kuya Terence  ♥  10 – Noemi