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Our next must-try food stop.

I have no idea what’s being served, I’m guessing Japanese.

But you ought to know why its on our list 🙂



Ever since JM heard that Classic Savory is going to open at Robinsons Metro East, he was raving about it. So on its second day of opening, we ordered hototai soup, yang chow rice and chicken for dinner.

>> Pic to follow <<

Sorry to say, we didn’t like it. I feel like I didn’t get the value for my money. The hototai soup is priced at Php 195 — and what do we get for that value? A soup with 2 pieces of liver, 2 pieces of shrimp, some seafood balls and a few cabbage floating around. I swear it was so bare. ? It’s not even worth half of the price. The chicken and yang chow on the other hand was okay. The chicken was tender but nothing special, same for the yang chow. There are yang chows that can be eaten as it is. This one, nah.

So I guess the next time we eat here, we’ll stay away from the soup and the rice. We’ll try the noodles. Maybe that is Savory.

We got a free tumbler — For every food purchase worth at least Php 500, you get a free tumbler. Nothing too exciting, but it’s still a freebie 🙂


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I used to find the foods at Burgoo bland, but not anymore. I love their creamy dory fish and mashed potato. After our lunch, I had a full stomach I could barely stand up.

My fave is their strawberry shake but since I had cough and colds, I opted to just drink water. Of the foods we ordered, everything was sumptuous except for the shrimp fajitas. Texas roadhouse still has the best!

Burgoo is relatively expensive, average price of regular serving is Php 295-395, while a large serving can go as high as Ph 500+, not my regular lunch deal. I’m gona give you a tip though. Choose 3 “Try this, it’s new” dishes and pay only for the 2 higher value meal. Isn’t that great? I think the creamy dory fish was the free meal on this set. Lovely! 🙂

Sachi at 10 months

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The month where you can truly say “may isip na talga”

  • Full of facial expression — when you say “NO” she,ll have this galit expression which is funny now. When she’s older, that’s not funny anymore
  • She points to herself when asked “Where is Sachi”
  • She crawls fast
  • Very friendly with kids
  • She walks in the crib, transferring from one side to another without holding the rail
  • Says 2 letter “words” randomly— more on “Ah”, “Ma”

These are few of the things that she can do. She’s growing up real fast!


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With my busy schedule, I almost forgot it Sachi’s 10th month birthday today. Wow!
…and almost 10 kilos na rin sya. Ang bigat to the max! plus ang likot

Look! She’s climbing her crib

Time flies so fast. Isang tumbling na lang, 1 year old na si Sachi

Thank God for my healthy and active baby. When it comes to Sachi, we are nothing but blessed.

7, 8, 9 months

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I feel bad that I haven’t had the chance to religiously take down notes on Sachi’s monthly milestones. But here they are as I remember the small and big things that make every month exciting for us:

7 months – The day Ondoy came. It was such a blessing that Sachi was not at home during that time. Really grateful Above.

At 7 months, Sachi can bear some weight on her legs when she’s being held upright. She crawls to get things and loves to razzle (brrrrrrr using her mouth with matching drooling saliva)

8 months

– She can walk around the crib unassisted but with support on the railings
– We carry her as if she’s 2 years old already – She has strong bones!
– 2 front teeth erupting
– Hardly wants to be left alone
– Bonding with mommy (yaya had to leave for a family emergency for a whole week) — so Sachi and I bonded over sleep. hehe 🙂
– Sachi slept for 13 hours straight! — record breaking! (of course Iwas feeding her all throughout)
– Will reach out just about anything
– Sits without support
– Crawls up on hands and knees
– Recognizes lights and object (esp Christmas lights), and feels rough from smooth (she doesn’t like to touch Christmas tree leaves coz of its texture)
– Usually throws whatever she’s holding
– Loves to stay outdoors
– Smiles at and tries to kiss her image in the mirror
– Changes emotions easily- from laughing to crying
– Likes cats and dogs. She gets stunned with “meows” – She “talks” to dogs
– Searches the floor to find a dropped object.
– Bad smell – beautiful eyes – ugly face all rolled into one funny facial expression

9 months

– First photo shoot to celebrate her 9th month
– First fall (Nov 7)
– Shouts “AH!” loudly
– She can walk around the crib railings unassisted, shifting one hand from the other
– 2 front teeth almost fully erupted but with space in the middle
– We had our first trick or treat at Serendra. She was holding her treat bag all the time
– She gets totally NR when in front of a crowd
– Giggles out loud, anticipating tickles or simple tummy touch
– She can definitely recognize mommy and daddy
– Drooling to the max
– Always  pulls herself up to sitting position the moment she wakes up
– Knows how to be picky — she picks unusual stuff using her fingers, in the maarte way, using only her thumb and pointer finger
– Expresses separation anxiety — when I’m on my way out, she cries when I give her back to yays
– She sometimes tend to become bashful, turning away, whining and crying around unfamiliar people
– She can almost walk holding on to railings/furniture
– Plays peek-a-boo
– Objects when you try to take a toy away or whatever is in her hands
– Stand momentarily
– Associate words with action: Say Christmas tree and she looks at the Christmas tree, same for dog, cat, book, ball, and lizard

* Pictures to follow — hopefully!!

HELLO. Kitty.


I’m having a Sanrio party for Sachi next year (actually, mga 2 months nlng). So I started buying stuff already. Ohmymy, I only got a few small pieces and my pocket is robbed!

Waaaaaah. Anyone knows where to buy Hello Kitty stuff at discount prices? And where can I get other Sanrio characters? Puro Hello Kitty ang nabili ko. Kawawa naman the boy guests. Hehe With all the craziness going on, party planning is stresful but I’m really having fun. Wish this cold stops acting up so I can do my motherly duties!

Goodies, Freebies that I have so far — need stuff for boys, chocolates and plenty more stuffings!!

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