Sachi's picture entry at TPC Facebook gimmickHi y’all! Please vote for Sachi at The Picture Company Facebook page, become a fan and “Like” Sachi’s pic under Halloween Fun! Album (lady bug costume on page 2).

Although we’re far from competition, it’s fun campaigning. Lakas ng fighting spirit, nasa 200+ na “likes” of the other babies when I started kanina… more than the number of my actual FB friends! LOL

Cguro training to… on being a stage mom. Hahahaha.

Vote pleaaaaase! 🙂 “LIKE” Sachi on the Picture Company page 🙂


Voting is over, we didn’t win. But like what Ate Pia said, to all those who voted, you really made us feel like we won. That’s 90+ votes in less than 3 days. Thaaank you for the effort! 🙂