BelleDeJourFairBumping into my lovely officemates

It’s the BelleDeJour Fair at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. I came with one agenda: The Power Planner.

Honestly, I’ve debated over buying one since I want a planner with lots of space to write on, this clearly isn’t. But it has so many extras — coupons, freebies, notes, even vacation planners, menstrual tracker, expense tracker… all those small things that OC people will appreciate. So yeah, despite the little space to write on each day, I bought one.

Will I buy another planner? Let’s say, the Starbucks annual planner? I might collect stickers again for the thrill of it, but after this year’s planner… I don’t believe in its quality anymore. My planner looks so dilapidated. To think I haven’t used it as much as I used the old planners. I hope Starbucks know the poor quality of their planner.

I’m still excited to see this year’s edition, and I hope its better than any of their planners, not just by appearance, but by quality as well. Besides, I don’t think there’s never too much planner for this organized little pack rat