My birthday month — I was looking forward to a month-filled birthday celebration of life’s simple pleasures. The turn of events for this month, not only for me but for most Filipinos living in the Metro was tragic.

I didn’t plan for a birthday party this year. I was too tired. Not to mention the expenses. I just wanted to spend time with family, some relaxation and enjoy the simple (and free) things in life.

I had all these lined up for this supposedly happy month:

  • A day of relaxation — shopping and spa at The Spa (c/o our GCs from Ate A) — boo
  • One weekday of Swimming at Antipolo resort with Sachi — boo
  • Zoobic Safari — boo (Manila Ocean Park kind of made up for this)
  • Eat all these favorites: Banoffe cake, pichi-pichi, kebab, and kamicos tacos at GH — all check!!

Back to the month’s wrap up…

Events and Celebrations

Sept 13 – Iya’s 3rd Birthday  ♥  Sept 13 – Kim’s Mama’s Grand 80th ♥  Sept 15 – My 26th

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

Watched “In My Life” at Promenade Greenhills  ♥  SM Marikina  ♥  SM Megamall  ♥  Robinson’s Metro East ♥ Batangas  ♥  Iloilo and Guimaras Trip ♥  Manila Ocean Park ♥  SM Iloilo

What I did for the first time this month

Fish Spa

Other notables: The wrath of typhoon Ondoy ♥   Sachi’s 2 front teeth

Huffy Birthdays: 7 – Rob  ♥  9 – Pong  ♥  13 – Sophia  ♥ 15 – Arlene  ♥  19 – MC  ♥  20 – Vanessa