External hard drive failure. All files/photos. No other back up. Just this minute. Aaaargh. You know that feeling? These are precious photos and files. But you can’t allow yourself to feel annoyed when a lot f people are suffering and have lost more than a hard drive. So yeah, I don’t really know what I’m feeling.
I’m using my netbook posting pictures here at WordPress from my external hard drive when all of a sudden a window popped saying something like “external hard drive failure, data is lost.” Then I checked the drive from “My computer” — nothing. I hurried to my brother’s notebook. Nothing. I turned on the desktop — nothing. The hard drive feels like its reading but no detection comes up. Last option is my iBook — waaaah. Wala pa rin 😦
I’m not totally devastated.
At normal circumstances I’d totally be. Pero iba kc pangyayari sa mga panahon nayon. Hayyyyy 😦
My hard drive is still working! Yey! Faulty faulty cable… Good thing it was just the cable. Whew