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Sachi's picture entry at TPC Facebook gimmickHi y’all! Please vote for Sachi at The Picture Company Facebook page, become a fan and “Like” Sachi’s pic under Halloween Fun! Album (lady bug costume on page 2).

Although we’re far from competition, it’s fun campaigning. Lakas ng fighting spirit, nasa 200+ na “likes” of the other babies when I started kanina… more than the number of my actual FB friends! LOL

Cguro training to… on being a stage mom. Hahahaha.

Vote pleaaaaase! 🙂 “LIKE” Sachi on the Picture Company page 🙂


Voting is over, we didn’t win. But like what Ate Pia said, to all those who voted, you really made us feel like we won. That’s 90+ votes in less than 3 days. Thaaank you for the effort! 🙂

I. am. frustrated

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Sachi’s First Photo Shoot

Sachi PhotoShoot1

My little girl whose all happy and smiley all the time, refused to smile during this afternoon’s photo shoot. Napagod na kami sa kakatalon, ayaw tumawa, it’s either she’s NR or crying. Wala sa mood. I feel like sayang our time, our effort and the money. We didn’t even get to wear half of the clothes we brought.

Scanning the pictures now, meron din naman palang okay. Will post soon

Planners and the Belle de Jour Fair

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BelleDeJourFairBumping into my lovely officemates

It’s the BelleDeJour Fair at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. I came with one agenda: The Power Planner.

Honestly, I’ve debated over buying one since I want a planner with lots of space to write on, this clearly isn’t. But it has so many extras — coupons, freebies, notes, even vacation planners, menstrual tracker, expense tracker… all those small things that OC people will appreciate. So yeah, despite the little space to write on each day, I bought one.

Will I buy another planner? Let’s say, the Starbucks annual planner? I might collect stickers again for the thrill of it, but after this year’s planner… I don’t believe in its quality anymore. My planner looks so dilapidated. To think I haven’t used it as much as I used the old planners. I hope Starbucks know the poor quality of their planner.

I’m still excited to see this year’s edition, and I hope its better than any of their planners, not just by appearance, but by quality as well. Besides, I don’t think there’s never too much planner for this organized little pack rat


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Korea and Japan seats as low as PHP2,499 for winter travel

Cebu Pacific entices travelers to head to Korea and Japan this coming winter months with our seat sale starting now until October 27, 2009, for travel December 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010.

— from Cebu Pacific e-mail newsletter

I wish I can just hop off the plane and go to dreamland. But I can’t. Too much ties. Maybe that’s why I was given a US Visa? I have indeed strong ties. Di ako makaalis eh! Haha. We’ve got this little baby we are about to launch, out-of-budget-expenses for Sachi’s party (wala bang promo na pwede manalo ng all expense paid 1st bday party? sasali ako!)… Hai. Kelan kaya ako makakapunta ng Japan? Hubby promised that after US, we’ll go to Japan. I just wonder when that time will come… Maybe pag ma-appreciate na si Sachi mag Tokyo Disneyland or the Sanrio Puro Land or Harmony Land! 🙂



One of the 4 rubber feet of my HP Mini fell off… I dont know where.. and I don’t know why. I’ve babied my Mini and haven’t really used it that much to deserve a missing rubber feet. With my usage rate, it doesn’t even deserve a dust.

I’m starting to get frustrated as I read the same problems on the internet. One mentioned that HP does not sell separate rubber feet — you got to buy the whole back cover. HELLO.

I firmly say that this is not a user fault. I’ve taken care of my mini to the point of not using it all the time, and I get a missing damn part. HP better give me a rubber foot back. Poor sticking!

Now, back to contacting HP Philippines…

Esguerra+Chua Wedding

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Our little something for the couple-to-be…


Table Numbers

Esguerra-Chua WeddingCustom Table #s and Names

REALITY CHECK: I still have nothing to wear!


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We just paid the downpayment for Sachi’s party venue. I knew it! 3 months is not enough. Our preferred date is booked. Actually the whole weekends of Jan 2010 is booked. So we opted to get the earliest weekend available the next month. And 2 na lang ang available! Hay. Iba na talaga mga parties ngayon, patagalan ang preparation.

Now I’m excited! If only I’m not so busy, I would meet Achi Heidi of Balloon Creations already. But I’m packed.

I can’t wait!

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