Arlene at 26

Yesterday was the last day of my silver year, I am officially above mid-twenty’s.

J & A

Twenty Six years ago, I was simply a Daughter
A Grand daughter, a Niece, a Cousin
Four years after, I became a Sister
When I started studying, I became a Friend
Then a Girlfriend
As years go by, I became an Aunt
Also a Manager
Just this year, I became a Wife and a Mother

In that 26 years, I have lived a full life

I was the quiet type
I was the party girl
I was the prim ‘n proper gal
I was the carefree chic
I was the bum
I was the workaholic

I’m excited to live my new roles — At 26, the only thing missing is being an entrepreneur.

The dream, I can feel (and see) is about to unfold. Taking it slowly…

The past year was a multitude of blessings. From my pregnancy, to giving birth, to my marriage. From family, friends and relatives. I am one blessed girl.

I cannot wait for life’s surprises this year. It’s going to be different. I have new roles. But with faith, and with my family beside me, I am eager to face what life will bring 🙂


Girls in the familyThank you to my in-laws for celebrating my birthday, and thanks hun for the yummy seafood lunch you prepared for me 🙂