In today’s world where parties are as themed and organized as possible, and “simple” means character cakes with matching cupcakes, lootbags and balloons, I can only  imagine the grandiosity of  big celebrations.

Saturday afternoon, we had a “simple” celebration of Iya’s birthday.

Iya & ChristopheStrawberry Shortcake

And I quote my cousin “if only for these, I’d like to have babies”. That’s how cute these cupcakes  are. Ate, if you search the net specifically for cakes and cupcakes, gosh, you’ll go gaga over them! Must be the reason why I can’t choose a theme for my Sachi — I want all, suuuper cute!

Baby Sachi & Aquisha7-month old Sachi with 1-yr old Aquisha  — yet another evidence that Sachi is bigger than most babies her age

with Ate

Iya, the birthday girl is such a bully. She has an attitude. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Imagine the fond memories we’ll tell her — when you were a kid you won’t listen to your mom, you want to do things your way, you bullied everyone… as compared to the quiet girl sitting in the corner.

Now I don’t know what I’ll wish for Sachi — a bully or a dully?