J-Ar Rizal BallroomIt’s been a long time since I wore a long gown. The debut and weddings I attended last year were all formal events, but I wore cocktail dresses.

If only for this, I was excited to go. But of course there’s meeting of friends, dinner, etc to look forward too.

The excitement came brewing when the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-la became a festive Chinese grand birthday celebration. The entrance of the celebrant, tita Baby was as grandiose and “so-cial” as it can be… escorted with cabaret girls, complete with large feather boas and all.

Then came the waiters, parading with food. Exciting! It was my first time to attend a sit-down dinner. The pros — the meal lasts during the whole course of the program, no long waiting time for your number to be called, and more importantly, guests feel pampered as food is served to them. (The con however is that you don’t get to eat as much like in buffet style. I didn’t get a full stomach coz we were only getting small servings. Plus, since the food is served one at a time, if you don’t like what is served, you have no choice but to wait for the next serving)

The 3-hour program consisted of several performances from the cabaret girls (the kind that you watch in Las Vegas — or Thailand as it was
there that I first watched one), song numbers — from guest performers and from the family members, a short clip ofย  the life story of the celebrant, and a bingo game with no other than 10 Italian gold pendants as prizes. O dba, bongga.

I was actually touched when all the family members — the children to grand children to in-laws all sang for their mama. It was nothing fancy, just simple singing. But it was very touching. Must be the sentimental person in me (and the motherhood blues. haha).

It was a very happy event. I know their mama is happy. That’s what matters. I wish we could have the chance to do something like this for my mama — not this grand, but the thought behind it will make things as memorable and worthwhile.

J and A