At 7 months, the joy of motherhood is as its finest. I still don’t know what lies ahead, and every month after this may surpass the joy at present, but for sure this month is as special as it can be.Β  At 7 months, there’s more interaction with Sachi. A simple “beautiful eyes” makes everyone in the family happy. A squeal of delight makes us smile and laugh. A rowdy scream, a pa-awa cry and tearful eyes makes us jump to our feet to soothe her.

Sachi Bug and Mommy
Playing with Sachi while showing off her Lady Bug suit to Mama

Sachi Beautiful Eyes“Beautiful Eyes”

When we ask Sachi to do “beautiful eyes”, she would squint her eyes, along with her cute little button nose
(My not so clear shot, but the only shot of her making this gesture because she does it real fast)

Sachi Eating fingerHard core teething

Her favorite snack is her pointer finger.Β  Teething stage. Her 2 big front teeth are about to burst.

Sitting at 7 monthsFirst time Sachi can sit unsupported, Sept 3 to be exact
(but still continues to balance & end up on her side after a few seconds)

WeeeeWeee! Sach is already big that I’m no longer afraid to horse around with her

droolerDrooling drooling saliva drooling

I’m looking forward to months of new and firsts for Sachi. Hope everything goes well!