It’s the start of Ber month, I opened the radio hearing “christmas talk”, I walked in the office with a Christmas jingle and a matching email of Christmas in Our Hearts lyrics. LSS much.

It’s the BER month spirit. For most Filipinos, it means Christmas is fast approaching. On a personal note, it means birthday – party, celebration and a year older – as it’s my birth month.

This year, for law students out there, it means the bar month. And with this, I send out my wishes of a good luck in the universe. Good luck to the barristers, most especially to bru, sana tulungan ka ni bro. Hehe 🙂

You finished 4 years of law studies in a reputable school, that alone is an achievement. Passing the bar is the cherry on top, I know you can do this!

Hugs and kisses and good luck charms!

Good Luck Bru_web<