August was yet another busy month of preparation. Submissions there, sample here, scouting over there, errands left and right…

Events and Celebrations

August 15 Ima’s Bday Celebration ♥ August 16 Alyssa’s Baptism ♥ Aug 24 Woot Woot Visa Approval!

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

Rizal visit ♥ Watched the cartoon, UP at SM cinema ♥ SM Marikina ♥ Sta. Lucia ♥ Robinson’s Metro East ♥

What I did for the first time this month

Watched a Full 3D Movie  ♥  First time in the THE Outskirts: Recto and Baclaran ♥  Pick up relative from the airport

Other notables:

Got an advanced HP Mini gift from J  ♥  Tita Myrna’s visit  ♥  Cory’s Death ♥  New food snack: Shawarma Tacos!

Huffy Birthdays:

1 – Denielli  ♥  6 – Lesley  ♥ 16 – Daniel  ♥   19 – Ima, Manang Lita and Olanski  ♥   24 – Trina