Buti na lang…

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  • Sachi was not at home
  • It happened in the morning
  • We have a second floor
  • My family cooked pansit in the morning, they have food to last ’til dinner
  • Papa’s smart cellphone had signal and battery that lasted until Monday

It could have been worst.

For this, we thank you Papa Jesus.

Count Your Blessings.

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September 26, 2009 .
It’s my baby’s 8th month birthday.
And the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy.

Although we want so bad to be in Manila when all hell broke loose, it was a blessing that we were out of town. It saved an 8-month old baby from experiencing the delubyo, the panic attacks, the dark, smelly, flood-filled house.

My heart goes out to the children and babies who got stuck and stranded, on the streets, inside their car, in their houses, on the rooftop with nothing to eat nor drink. I cannot imagine . The thought makes my heart break.

Our elevated house, inside a known flood-prone subdivision is sandwiched in between the area of Marikina and Cainta, the areas badly hit by the typhoon. The water inside our house rose up to chest level. I cannot imagine what it must be like on our street, more so on the entrance of our subdivision. Thank God for second floors.

At a time like this, We just have to count our blessings. The mere fact that you are reading this means you are well, you have electricity, you even have internet connection, you are seated on a chair, you have a table, a computer. I know of colleagues, of classmates, of batchmates, of relatives who lost their houses, their hard-earned belongings. My prayers go out to all of you.

I often find myself suppressing tears, not because of our personal lost, but because of the heartfelt heroic actions of our fellow Filipinos. With tragedies like this, I am nothing but humbled, with the bayanihan – the Filipino spirit – helping each other in times of crisis.

Lots of people lost what they have. But along the way, as we start to stand up and rebuild ourselves, we hopefully gain more — friends, closer family ties, rekindling of bayanihan spirit — we have to start investing on these, something that no flood, no rain, no earthquake can take away.

Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm. –Charles Caleb Colton

Say aaaaaah


tickle Sachi
Say aaaah_Sachi 1st tooth
7th month Milestone: Growing my two front (lower) teeth

Sachi’s Teething Equation

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heinz teething vegTeething Rusk

+teething soft bookTeething Book


bright starts chill and teeth tubesCool Teething Gels




DroolingDrooling Saliva


Sachi finger licking

Finger Lickin’ (pointer finger)


Sachi's first tooth



I had no idea wedding in the province is a denim affair. Read: Jeans and shirt.

Loving the dress I wore last week, I wore the same dress to this wedding. Bad idea. Not only was I the only one in a dress (long, short, formal, semi — ako lang talaga), the church didn’t allow me to take communion. How conservative. Kaya pala all the bridal gowns are ume-eighty’s type. The likes of my mom’s wedding gown, long sleeved or with the arm thingie. Notice I said bridal gowns — it’s because there were a total of 6 weddings that morning, wow. Talk about fast break. But the one we attended was the last wedding, so there was a full mass.

Since I wasn’t welcome in the church (actually, pwede naman, wag lang mag communion), we had a good excuse to sneak out and watch “The Hangover” inside the car. We had a good laugh, it’s a nice funny movie. Pinky’s battery died the minute the ceremony ended.

Tita Virge and Couple tableThe couple’s table and principal sponsor

Principal Sponsor_MenPrincipal sponsors

Lesson learned: Provincial wedding = jeans and shirt

Us at Batangas Wedding
X: Polo Barong and Dress

Marasigan siblingsCheck: T-Shirt and Jeans/Tights
(On pic – Monica, Mac and Precious)

Look! I can sit by myself

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The week of September 7, Sachi can sit by herself.


Oh. And September 10 — her lower tooth “erupted”. White enamel visible. Yay! Ttooth about to go uuuuup!

A year older. A year wiser


Arlene at 26

Yesterday was the last day of my silver year, I am officially above mid-twenty’s.

J & A

Twenty Six years ago, I was simply a Daughter
A Grand daughter, a Niece, a Cousin
Four years after, I became a Sister
When I started studying, I became a Friend
Then a Girlfriend
As years go by, I became an Aunt
Also a Manager
Just this year, I became a Wife and a Mother

In that 26 years, I have lived a full life

I was the quiet type
I was the party girl
I was the prim ‘n proper gal
I was the carefree chic
I was the bum
I was the workaholic

I’m excited to live my new roles — At 26, the only thing missing is being an entrepreneur.

The dream, I can feel (and see) is about to unfold. Taking it slowly…

The past year was a multitude of blessings. From my pregnancy, to giving birth, to my marriage. From family, friends and relatives. I am one blessed girl.

I cannot wait for life’s surprises this year. It’s going to be different. I have new roles. But with faith, and with my family beside me, I am eager to face what life will bring 🙂


Girls in the familyThank you to my in-laws for celebrating my birthday, and thanks hun for the yummy seafood lunch you prepared for me 🙂

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